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Just like science, technology or fashion, cosmetics is also in continuous evolution. This is shown by the fact that beauty goes far beyond appearances or physical appearance, and its true importance is more a matter of wellbeing than of image.

Perhaps for this reason the innovative French cosmetics company, Rituals founded in 2000, has positioned itself in the top of the sales charts. However, it is not just any cosmetics company, as it differs mainly in that its products are inspired by ancient oriental ceremonies. Thus, its extensive list of treatments ranges from cosmetics for the body, personal care, home and face.

The mastermind behind the brand is its Dutch founder Raymond Cloosterman who has dedicated himself to transforming, as he puts it, everyday routines into more meaningful moments. For example, there are families who spend a lot of time designing and building their kitchen, but then go to the market and buy an inexpensive soap and have to hide it when they receive a visitor, whereas Rituals home products are so select that they don't deserve to be hidden. On the contrary, they blend perfectly with the elegance of your home.

It should be noted that, although these products are quite select, they are not expensive, on the contrary, they are within everyone's reach.

For the body, they also have an extensive collection of items such as: rituals hand soap, rituals make-up, rituals sunscreen, rituals masks, rituals mists, ritual cosmetics, rituals body creams, rituals body oils, rituals deodorants, RITUALS GELS, rituals exfoliating scrubs, rituals shampoo and many more products.

The secret of this brand, in addition to the excellent quality of its ingredients, lies in its aromas, since through the sense of smell we can remember or relive happy moments. Even these generally relaxing scents are perfect for creating a daily routine, whether at bath time, before going to bed, or when applying make-up positively before going to work.

This is how this wonderful firm was born, incorporating beneficial ancestral ingredients that make this daily habit a precious routine, which invites us to enjoy every moment of our lives to the fullest, as if it were a meditation. mindfulness.

Stay with us and enjoy every moment of your life with the rituals offers What are you waiting for?

Rituals online sale at Perfume's Club

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Rituals Sets

Although at Perfume's Club you will find the products rituals cosmetics separately, the cases have become the most sought after.

That's why, below, we offer you different packs of women's rituals y rituals for men within reach of a click. Go for it!

Rituals The Ritual Of Sakura Large Gift Set

The favourite of many is the Ritual of Sakura inspired by the ceremony of the Japanese Hanami.

This rituals packs for women is based on celebrating the transience of the beautiful cherry blossom, granting a fresh aroma where cherry blossom and rice milk converge, which according to anthropological experts confirm that this ritual provides diuretic properties, alleviates the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome and offers cardiotonic properties. Inside the box includes: mini scented sticks 70 ml + hair and body mist 50 ml + foaming shower gel 200 ml + body cream 220 ml. In addition, the box is wrapped in a beautiful gift box, perfect for gift giving.

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Rituals The Ritual Of Ayurveda Gift Set

Another ritual that should not be missing from your daily routine is the ritual of ayurveda which brings a real inner harmony, soothing and relaxing. This is thanks to its delicious fragrance of Indian rose and sweet almond oil, which in addition to well-being guarantees ultra-moisturising properties on your skin. The box contains a 200ml shower foam, a 140g scented candle, a 125g body scrub and a 100ml body cream. It is delicately wrapped in an origami box.

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Rituals The Ritual Of Karma Gift Set

Although the word Karma has proliferated with a rather negative connotation in the West, the reality is that not all karma has to be bad, which is why Rituals offers us their most recent the ritual of karma . This box is equipped with a 200 ml shower foam, a 250 ml parfum d'intérieur, a 100 ml body cream and a 125 g body scrub, wrapped in sparkling floral notes of lotus flower and white tea. Its delightful fragrance creates a relaxing, optimistic and positive atmosphere, conveying peace and harmony, ideal for use before going to work.

No matter your skin type, this ritual is perfect for everyone!

Rituals The Ritual Of Advent

If a single ritual is not enough for you... We invite you to try the splendid box Rituals the ritual of advent perfect to buy or to give as a gift. It contains 24 different products from all the collections, so that you can enjoy other rituals such as ritual of mehr, JING RITUAL among others. This way you can select the product that best suits your sensory needs. In addition, its small format allows you to discover all the rituals, and in case you are delighted with a specific fragrance or treatment you can enter again at Perfume's club and purchase the larger format of that product you enjoyed so much.

This amazing box is presented in the shape of a Christmas tree with 24 boxes of different sizes covering:

  • 1. Mini Advent Scented Candle Private Collection - Savage Garden 25g.
  • 2. Mini Advent Scented Candle Private Collection - Sweet Jasmine 25g.
  • 3. Mini Advent Scented Candle Private Collection - Precious Amber 25g.
  • 4. Mini Advent Scented Candle Private Collection - Vanilla Sandal 25 g.
  • 5. The Ritual of Mehr - Sweet Orange and Cedarwood Shower Foam 30 ml.
  • 6. The Ritual of Jing Jujube and lotus soap 25 g.
  • 7. Amsterdam Collection hair and body spray 20 ml.
  • 8. The Ritual of Karma body oil 30 ml.
  • 9. The Ritual of Karma Gentle Body Scrub 70 ml.
  • 10. Rituals Homme Shower Foam 50 ml.
  • 11. The Ritual of Sakura Refreshing Spray 20 ml.
  • 12. The Ritual of Mehr body cream 70 ml.
  • 13. Jing Hand Lotion Ritual 40 ml.
  • 14. The Ritual of Jing Relaxing Shower Foam 50 ml.
  • 15. Rituals Sport Ice Refreshing Shower Gel 70 ml.
  • 16. The Ritual of Ayurveda Bath Powder with Coconut Milk 100 g.
  • 17. The Ritual of Ayurveda Rich Body Oil 30ml.
  • 18. The Ritual of Namaste Miracle Mask 10 g.
  • 19. The Ritual of Namaste Cleansing Wipes 10 pcs.
  • 20. The Ritual of Namaste Anti-Aging Day Cream 10 ml.
  • The Ritual of Sakura Shampoo 50 ml.
  • 22. The Ritual of Sakura Conditioner 50 ml.
  • 23. The Ritual of Ayurveda exfoliating glove and spatula.
  • 24. Elixir Collection Intensive Keratin Repairing Hair Mask 20 ml.

Rituals Creams

The rituals creams enriched with intoxicatingly sparkling, soothing, purifying, dynamic, and ultra-sensorial notes, they are nourishing treatments that hydrate, redensify and beautify from the inside out, as if by magic.

Stay with us, and discover how to indulge and pamper your body and mind in one step!

Rituals The Ritual Of Ayurveda recovery hand balm

Take care of your hands from environmental aggressions with the daily use balm Rituals the ritual of ayurveda recovery hand balm . The pleasantly creamy texture of the rituals hand cream is formulated with softening almond oil, and soothing Indian rose, which penetrates the skin and nourishes it instantly. Equally, its ecstatic scent intoxicates the senses and relaxes the mind.

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Rituals The Ritual Of Sakura Body Cream

The majestic Rituals the ritual of sakura body cream is a delicious rituals body cream which has been a sales leader for the firm. Its success is due to its latest-generation nourishing and firming formula enriched with antioxidant active ingredients, vitamin E and Centella Asiatica, which mitigates cell damage and rejuvenates the skin from the first application. Thus, the rituals body cream provides a creamy, fast-absorbing texture that leaves the body soft and visibly more beautiful.

This luxurious ritual sakura body cream is suitable for all skin types, And you, what are you waiting for to try it?

Rituals Homme 24h hydrating face cream

And for the face, you can not miss a splendid ritual face creams as is the multi-purpose Rituals homme 24h hydrating face cream for daily use. However, this cream is not for ladies but for men who want to counteract the negative effects of pollution and premature photo-ageing. It is made with a special complex of peptides and vitamin C, which acts as an antioxidant and neutralises free radicals in the cells. Its moisturising power promises up to 24 hours of maximum moisture, ideal for all skin types, even the most sensitive. The light texture of this cream melts quickly without leaving a greasy feeling to the touch, on the contrary, its finish is matte. It is also dermatologically tested.

Surprise your boyfriend, dad or friend with products rituals for men!

Rituals candles

When we talk about rituals, we cannot forget the aromatic, relaxing and energetic benefits of candles. That's why today we present you the Rituals candles most in demand:

If you are looking for inner harmony we recommend Rituals the ritual of ayurveda scented candle A luxurious scented candle with delectable Ayurvedic ingredients, such as Indian rose and sweet almond oil, which provide ancient wisdom. This candle lasts up to 27 hours, and comes in a beautiful brown glass that is fully reusable.

For those moments when we need peace and energy boosting, we recommend accompanying your bathing routine with the Rituals the ritual of jing scented candle . This candle is charged with a halo of well-being, calm and tranquillity thanks to the fresh floral and warm scent of sacred lotus and jinjolero, is presented in a beautiful green candle cup and offers a burning time of up to 50 hours.

The best products rituals Spain closer and closer to you, and at the best price online!

Rituals Air Fresheners

If you love to enjoy a good air freshener, which brings pleasure, comfort and good energy... The Rituals air fresheners they are for you!

Positivity, optimism and well-being are just a few of the benefits of the Rituals the ritual of sakura hair & body mist . It is a ritual body mist totally enveloping with which you can perfume yourself from head to toe, as its formula does not contain alcohol, so it does not mistreat your skin or your clothes. Its chord of notes has cherry blossom and organic rice milk, it is perfect for spraying in the mornings or in the evenings after bathing.

For stressful days, don't forget to combine your daily routine with a relaxing and calming air freshener. Rituals the ritual of jing indoor perfume . This, unlike the previous one, is a perfumes rituals much more concentrated designed for spraying in the home. It contains sumptuous warm, floral notes of sacred lotus and jinjolero, helping you to create a totally comfortable atmosphere.


How long do Rituals cosmetic products expire?

All cosmetics have a shelf life of at least 2 years, provided they are stored under appropriate conditions with the safety seal in place. However, most of them indicate on their label the shelf life once the product is opened.

Are there refill kits for Rituals products?

Rituals is an environmentally responsible company with a fully conscious approach to reuse, reduction and recycling. For this reason, many of its air fresheners already include refills, and you can order them via Perfume's club at a much more affordable price.

How can I enjoy my candle rituals for longer?

It is recommended to light the candles in a place with little air flow, so that the candle burns evenly. It is also recommended that the hot wax of the candle does not come into direct contact with the glass so that the glass does not overheat and break. It is important not to leave a candle burning unattended..

How to use the scented sticks?

To enjoy the scented sticks, place them in a place that guarantees air flow, it is not necessary to turn the sticks regularly, as they are quite fragrant. Do not forget, during the winter, to keep this air freshener away from heat sources such as central heating as they shorten the life of the fragrance.

What are the best-selling Rituals products at Perfume's Club?

The best-selling Rituals products at Perfume's Club are: Rituals the ritual of ayurveda recovery hand balm , Rituals the ritual of sakura hair & body mist and the Rituals the ritual of jing indoor perfume .

What is the best-selling Rituals box at Perfume's Club?

The best-selling Rituals box at Perfume's Club is the Ritual of Sakura .

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